Endulge in the Ultimate Experience for Mediterranean and Persian Skin


This meticulously crafted two-step procedure was created by Kylee exclusively for her discerning darker complected clientele.  It blends old world botanical knowledge with cutting edge cosmeceutical technology.  Step 1: The application of a chemical peel skillfully created by Kylee to match the clients skin type.  Step 2: The process involves preparing the face with a custom blended botanical steam bath to remove impurities and imperfections.  Once this process has been completed a botanically infused hot towel is applied.  The skin is then ready for a manual exfoliation to bring to surface the luminous skin beneath and finished with an organic microdermabrasion.  This newly exposed skin then receives an oxygen-infused polishing treatment and protected with an SPF treatment.  The experience concludes with a skin tightening facial massage to lift facial muscles for an ageless glow.